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Good Non-Irritating/natural Skin Care

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Hi Guys,

I'm looking for skin care products. I have used benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid products in the past and my skin does not like harsh ingredients.

So if anyone can recommend some good gentle cleansers, without irritating ingredients, that would be awesome.

I wanted to post this here because I am very open to using natural products, I'd prefer that even. So if you've had some success with anything then I'd love to know.

I've also been noticing some dented scarring on my cheeks in the past few weeks (which I'm trying not to totally flip out about!) so if I could work on clearing my skin and help these scars heal/go away!, then that would be even better.

Also, I'm from Australia, so Australian products/brands would be good, or at least brands that ship worldwide.

(p.s. I also don't want any of those horrible products that will make my skin feel tight and dry!

No drying products because I don't moisturise (mostly because I don't know what to use and I'm also scared of making my skin worse))


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I use water to cleanse with occasional oil cleansing with safflower oil, and mix the oil with aloe Vera, vegetable glycerine, a niacinimide capsule, & lately I've added turmeric, of my moisturizer. Occasionally do a mask with yogurt & turmeric.

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I use Image Cosmetics' Ormedic cleanser...it has totally balanced my skin's ph. Avoid anything with sulfates and salycilates. A pure honey mask can also work, and then you rinse it off, instead of using a cleanser.

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