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Help Me With Blackheads..?

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I was wondering if someone could help me with my current skin routine. I've never had acne (though have a few whitish scars/ occasional spots on jawline which is hormonal). I have coeliac disease and when I eat gluten my face gets all dull and uneven in tone- it then stays uneven in tone for weeks

I have the least elastic skin EVER for 21 year old. I think its because of bad skin routines when i was a teenager (im 21) and awful sun burn (3 times ive had literally horrendous sunburn on my face).

Also this is a weird thing to notice (well my mum thinks its wierd)... if i push my forehead skin together (making this mad waffle skin pattern) it sort of stays there- due to poor elasticity. I have really big pores (which i get from my dad ..yet I don't get his ability to tan- thanks!) so my face and neck and chest have loads of blackheads in almost every pore. My bone structure on my face could be shown off yet my skin isnt tight across it- through sun damage, squeezing and scrubbing (ST Ives is evil!) my skin has become thick/ bumpy porous/ inelastic/clogged rather than youthful/ dewy/taught.

Oh yes, also the bumps. the stupid bumps. my left cheek is the only cheek to always get spots (wierd!) but both cheeks have these white bumps that continue down to my jaw line- in some lights im shocked! My nose/chest/forehead/chin are the worst for blackheads- sorry to ramble in tedious detail!!

All my friends are blessed with beautiful skin --the kind where they say daamn I have a blackhead (grrrr!:) so I have no one to turn to for advice :) Any advice would be really appreciated!

Currently my routine is


Dove Pure & Sensitive Beauty Bar

Jojoba Oil as moisturizer


Clearzine Acne Solution pills (these have incredible reviews on amazon for anyone interested- ive only just started them)

Omega 3s

Had a phase of washing with honey- was really nice but dunno if made anything better.

I used to use Simple range (all cheap brand ranges i avoid like the plague now- theyre all comedogenic it seems).

I'm british so have no access to Mandelic Acid (GoW or DHC) so ordered samples from Ishtar skinlights.

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Hi freya54,

Have you tried a non-oily moisturizer? Do you sweat a lot on the face? How often do you wash your face and moisturize?

I would try a non-oily moisturizer to see if it helps. Also, try to minimize sweating as much as possible. I remember I used to get blackheads the day after doing exercise that caused me to sweat a lot. Wash face morning and night.

If you skin is losing elasticity, try a heavier night cream (only use it during the night).

I hope this helps.

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Clearzine Acne Solution pills

looking at the ingredients they use to make it , i breakout when i take biotin supplements but other then that the ingredients doesnt seem like they can help acne that much idk

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