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Desperate With My Acne(

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hello everyone!

i am 25 years old, i have never expereinced problems with my face or acne. even when i was a teenager, my face was clean, i did not ven ear make up, could easily go at the street without any make up on my face. Sometimes of course i could have 2 or 3 pimples, in couple of days usually they were gone. In november i moved into Dubai and became a cabin crew, it was a big change of life routine, in Dubai the weather is all the time not less than 25 degrees, since november my skin started to be horrible, i started to have severe acne all over my face, well, i understand that my life completely changed, and working as a cabin crew u need to wake up in different time, sometimes u have very long flights, so u cannot eat exactly at the same time u did yesterday. its april now, and from day to day my skin got worse and worse, i was literally in shock, because i have never had these problems before, i am in totally desperate mood now. I went to see a doctor here in dubai, so she told me that most probably cause of life change i have all these breakouts, she prescribed me yasmin for 3 months and doxycycline for 2 months, and if no results - she will put me on accutane. One month passed with both prescriptions, i cannot see even a small change...So i have purchased a regimen, hoping may be it will make some change for me. I am using it for the 2 nd week now, and do not see even a small change either. I have no idea what to do....I know it wont be so quick, but i saw millions of videos and reviews of people, who had results after the 1st week. I just need some support and advice, should i continue with regimen, or may be i should finish the doxycicline within 2nd month and get accutane?





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You should probably continue with what your doctor recommended but you can follow the Regimen at the same time.

Very few people see results on the Regimen before 2-3 months so 2 weeks is much too early to see improvement so don't give up!

If you follow it precisely you will see results.

You might want to look at your diet too. A lot of people on this forum find that when they stop eating dairy products their skin clears considerably. Just a suggestion. Good luck.

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I totally sympathize with you! I have been there.

The person above me clearly didn't give you anything informative to work with. Accutane is the easy way out, and honestly, I would start from the beginning to clear your skin, and as a LAST resort do accutane. I know we all want a quick fix, but trust me, accutane may cause more trouble then happiness. It is a toss up with that drug, you may be clear for your course, but it may come back with vengeance after. I have been researching accutane for the past 5 years (on this site, and from medical blogs) and had finally decided not to take it. It took me a long time to get here, but it was all worth it. I recently talked with my new doctor who flat out told me this: "For your case of persistent moderate cystic acne, I would Not recommending it. Your skin may look wonderful and clear up on the pill, but once you stop the oil will return, perhaps not as much, but it will come back and in some cases your acne may even return to what it was like before you took your first pill of accutane. It is only for people with SEVERE NODULAR acne." But this a whole other topic I wouldn't gladly talk to you about :)Doctors prescribe accutane like it is candy. If all you are trying is Yasmin then Doxy, I would say your Doctor needs to try other methods FIRST and give it a good amount of time for the medications to work BEFORE EVEN CONSIDERING ACCUTANE. Acne is tied strongly to what is happening internally ( hormone imbalance etc), and western doctors are not educated in that field, and it is really a shame, because people are poorly informed with the right info of where to turn.

I am almost positive the climate/environment change had a strong impact on your skin. I live in Santa Cruz Ca, and when I travel to higher altitude, my skin goes crazy. I start breaking out horribly, and I suppose it has to do with how our chemistry is and what our bodies are used too. I noticed the first picture your skin is clear, how long ago was that before you moved to Dubai? And are you still there? Or how long did you stay there? There millions of factors that must be accounted for skin issues, and I am so sorry you are frustrated, I know EXACTLY how it feels babe. Like for example, how is the water there, it may have effected you negatively internally or externally? How is your diet? What kinds of foods were you eating? What is the air like? Did you shower daily? What kinds of things did you put on your skin that may have been different then at home? Laundry detergent? All of these daily life routines, play a factor in how skin behaves. Being able to trace back your steps and acknowledging that people with acne have an imbalance, either hormonal and or internal. Have you ever taken a hormone imbalance test? Take time to think about this too, it is important and I can help you with this if you like.

So first things first, try to think of what changed over the time you moved over there, and try to pin point the details of your routines, and this will allow you to work with real information to figure what is going on with your skin.

I am more than happy to help you best I can. I know it is a lot to understand, and where the eff to start! To vitamins, to topical, then to holistic approaches and I have been there. I know how much of a headache this is, and you just want your damn life back. I have also been on EVERY antiobiotic/topical EXCEPT ACCUTANE. I am having success with spironalactone just upped my does to 50 mg a day from 25 mg a day, so we shall see how that goes. My skin is under control, but right now I am breaking out, possibly too much sugar, I pretty much know what I have done to aggravate my skin. I do not consume caffeine or intake sugar, nothing processed and I cut dairy out 4 years ago, which has been a huge life saver, the hormones in dairy milk effected my skin. I need to sleep! Take your time to respond, and you can always personally message me, I am here to help. We all are <3

Have a wonderful night girly, and smile, because you are beautiful.

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as your in dubai you should protect your skin from the sun as any post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation marks you have will fade faster.

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I also think this outbreak is due to the drastic changes in your life.

Are you under a lot of stress? What is your skin care regime?

The other thing that came to my mind is this: you mention that you never used to wear make up but that you are now an air stewardess. Do you have to wear make up while working? This could be a cause of this sudden outbreak. Just a thought.

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Mary88 I had the exact same skin as you. Just like you, my skin didnt start out so bad but the major breakouts started two years ago.

The thing that frustrated me was that the acne that flattened away left marks and they never healed quickly because of the new acne that was destroying the building blocks of my skin repair.

Two obstacles had to be controlled to give the green light to my skin to start repairing effectively. One, active acne. Two, irritation.

First obstacle is removed with benzoyl peroxide. It isnt like an antibiotic that loses effectiveness when bacteria becomes immune to it, BP kills the acne bacteria by oxygenating the skin, it cannot survive period, the same way a spider cannot become immune to a rolled up newspaper.

Second obstacle is irritation. My first anti acne product was Proactiv 3 step system. The first step of the system (cleanser) is a scrub. I used to think scrubbing daily was key to ridding marks. It was not the case, using such a scrub daily caused major irritation and therefore was disrupting my skins repairing process and prolonged the marks. The 3rd step of the system however (benzoyl peroxide) worked great in preventing future breakouts.

I then switched to Dans regimen. This was essentially just removing the scrubbing cleanser and toner, and using a gentle cleanser instead. This was the MAJOR change for me. I use Cetaphil oily skin cleanser, Benzac 2.5% benzoyl peroxide, and Cetaphil moisturizer. Removing the irritation allowed the red marks to start fading within 2 weeks of using the regimen.

That is my personal experience. I would encourage you to stick with it and minimize irritation to the skin.

And please use a good moisturiser. I used to think moisturiser hinders the repairing, but now I realized that Benzoyl Peroxide itself is not the repair formula, it is the preparatory step, and the moisturiser is the main kickstart of the skin repair.

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You are soo beautiful in a guya point of view yes you have abit of acne but people still can see that beauty outshine the acne, I would get on the accutane alone possibly because taking doxycline never really worked well

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I am sorry. Try honey! It has always worked for me in the past! It is coming back most likly from having a stressful life.

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