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Post Inflammatory Erythema (You Might Have It)

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So there are a lot of people on these forums mistaking acne redness for hyperpigmentation like I did. The huge scar on my cheek isn't hyperpigmentation it's "erythema". I did some further research and found what my big ass scar was.



Watch this video.

How to tell if you have Post Inflammatory Erythema:

Apply pressure with your finger on the "scar" and see if it whitens or fades. If it does, you have it.

So I did what this doctor said and applied a milk compress to it and the erythema faded to the point where my skin returned to normal for like 30 seconds before returning back to its original red state. And I was genuinely happy for those 30 seconds hahaha.

I've been derma rolling for a month and I DO have hyperpigmentation but only a little and it works there. But everything I've tried hasn't been working for the erythema and it's quite big.

Think I'll purchase cortisone cream and see what it does for it. I'll try it for a week max but no longer and post my results. This is the picture I took last night:

Some of you may already know this but I've been lurking these forums for a long time and have found nothing about "Erythema" until today :c

This is for the newbies out there like myself!

There is also silicone sheeting which I may try if doesn't work, and if THAT doesn't work then I'll go for a pulsed dye laser!

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this is a great post. apparently you can get erythema from chemical burns, which is why my scar im working on is currently from. do you recommend any products for treating this ?

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I suggest going for silicon gel / gel sheets. Something like dermatix. If you say you have erythema that is! I'm going to use it to eliminate the redness because that's what it basically is.

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yo my red mark feel a bit raised but when i put pressure on it it turn white than 5 seconds later becomes red again but day by day it get flatter or starts swelling \up sometimes

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