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Bothering Me For So Long

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12 months after some bad (moderate) acne I was left with some small indentations (tiny ice pick perhaps) and abnormal collagen distribution. At the moment my acne is under control, however my skin is bothering me so much! It's super clean except some discoloration of the scars but I can feel the skin isn't always the same, I mean, some spots are hard and more compact, others are soft. "Ice-pick scaring is the most common type of indented scaring. This type of scaring is usually found on the cheeks, is small and resembles an ice-pick wound. The scars may be shallow or deep and may be soft or hard." My scars are mostly hard on the cheeks "Scars come in different types and colors. Your scars may be flat, indented, or raised. They may be whitish in color, purple, red, skin colored, or darker than your skin. You may suffer from the scarring for life or your scars may improve over time and become less noticeable." My scars are a kind of purple. The scars aren't noticeable except for the discoloration but I don't care about that. What makes me freaked is my skin "composition" irregularity. Is this going to disappear or I'm I going to live with this? (I'm sorry if I'm always talking about this "minor" things, but I self conscious about this issue) Thank you guys :)

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I swear by Retin-A for minor scars. I had a big boxcar scar in the last picture I posted, and since using Retin-A you can tell its filling in. There is a literally a patch of new skin on the edge of the scar. Helps with hyperpigmentation as well. I will post a picture sometime. Otherwise as you said to me, see a dermatologist or possibly do a chemical peel if they are shallow like mine

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Thank you for answering :)

At the moment I'm stuck with creams and lotions. I can't afford dermatologists or peels because I'm saving money for a trip to Scotland.

I'm trying differin and it's getting better I think (It's been 1 week so It's early to tell)

My question is: if you prick your scars do you feel a hard tissue underneath?

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