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Questions From An Ocd Pimple Popper

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So I have mild acne, although I always thought it was more severe because of how I looked sometimes. But I realize that was usually all me. I compulsively could not leave well enough alone and attacked most zits I've ever had. If I had more than a couple, which wouldn't even be noticeable on their own, I ended up looking horrible because I had popped them and left a red spot or area where there would have just been a small flesh colored or slightly pink bump otherwise, in most cases.

I recently have controlled myself to the point of letting things ride when a zit came up. I just want to ask if pimples do go away on their own and how long does it take? I heard you should never even think of popping them unless they come to a head, or else you push the bacteria back down instead of out and there will be more in that area. Is that true? Will they always come to a head? Or will some just shrink back down before that even happens? That's how crazy I have been that I've never observed such a thing happen, if it does.

I'm just so used to attacking them and dealing with the ugly red consequesnces for a few days, but then the pimples is flattened down and fading. I know this way now is probably better for me, but I'm anxious seeing them linger and waiting for them to run through whatever cycle they will without my interference.

Thanks guys.

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Here you go buddy

Yes it's better to just leave them alone. If you can see a big white head in it, I think it's ok to pop it after shower. I hate myself so much when I get frustrated and end up trying to pop immature pimple, this leading to a half pingpong ball sticking out of your head. Last week I had this nasty pimple I refused to pop too early, after a week or so the skin was all purple around it and I popped it. Some of them however do go away by themselves.

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