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The Importance Of Vitamin A

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Well, please take a moment to listen to my story.

I've suffered from Acne since age 15. After a year of struggling I finally was so fed up with it that I decided to visit a doctor. This doctor first gave me antibiotics and Differin Gel but that didn't help at all. So he sent me to a dermatologist who prescribed me Accutane(20mg a dag). This cleared my acne completely(I had zero clogged pores, not even one black-head) but after three months(so I was half-way) I was so fed up with the side-effects(mainly headache) that I decided to stop with it.

After a few months or so my skin became oily again and soon enough the black-heads and break-outs returned. Lucky for me not in the full extend that my acne used to be, I was diagnosed with Acne Conglobata/Severe Acne. Since this period of time I became obsessed with having a clear skin, I started to objectify the 'problem'. And even today. This summer I turn 23.

I spent more than I can think of on laser-treatments and therapy, I tried lots of different cleansers and creams. I've been on the Regimen two times. I've changed my diet numbers of times, I even tried not eating at all. Everything I just mentioned had limited effect.

The last year or so I only had a a breakout here and there but I still had black-heads. Tons and tons on my chest, my nose and a few on my cheeks and my forehead. I couldn't stand this at all. Not to mention the oily skin which is pretty annoying. Even though I promised myself that I would stop worrying I started looking stuff up on the internet. After much research about diet, glycolic peels, benzoyl peroxide, exercise etc. etc. I stumbled upon this webpage from the Livestrong Foundation.


The next day I bought a large bottle of COD liver oil which has Retinyl acetate added, the natural form of Vit A. I take about 1500 micro gram in the morning and 1500 micro gram in the evening. Which is the maximum a male of my age is allowed to take. I'm now using this for a month and I must say it feels like I finally found the cure. My skin is never oily and black-heads have disappeared. I finally have a perfectly clear complexion now. I don't know why but I'm pretty confident that 3mg of vit A has the same effect as 3mg of Accutane. I've read articles that suggest that a small dosage(like 5 mg) of Accutane is just as effective as 20 mg . In that case a similar amount of Vit A should have the same effects since the molecular structure is almost identical. Unfortunately I have no scientific evidence to back that statement.

To be conclusive:

- Every acne sufferer should benefit from the intake of Vitamin A since it eliminates the main problem, excessive oil production of the sebum-glands. Only take a supplement that has Retinyl acetate, avoid every other form especially provitamin A since the conversion is highly regulated by the body. Do not overdose: 3000 micro gram for males / 2000 micro gram for females . Split your supplement intake into a morning and an evening intake, making the chance of overdosing smaller.

- If you suffered from acne for a long time you are probably just as obsessed with your skin a I am, if you are skeptical about my story and my statements(or maybe this just doesn't work for you, I only tried this on myself and I have mild acne) you SHOULD give Accutane a go. You probably haven't because you're afraid of your overall health and have read about all the horror stories about lawsuits and people who killed themselves. The facts are that in most cases people only suffer from mild side-effects. If accutane was really as dangerous as often claimed, it would've been pulled off the market. Don't be afraid, be rational. You will gain so much in life when having a clear skin.

Thank you for your time,


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Of course Vitamin A (Tretinoin) is a very relative to Accutane (Isotretinoin) , Tretinoin is the formula for the famous topical acne treatment Retin-A , which is also pretty strong, good job finding your cure! Vitamin A is a very effective thing indeed!

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Hi there.

Be very careful when it comes to how much vitamin A you take. It is extremely potent in high doses and I would advise you get it naturally from juicing carrots as synthetic vitamins are just that, synthetic. I'm pretty sure you can't also get vitamin a toxicity from natural sources of vitamin A?

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Would using cetaphil every morning and night count as having oily skin? Cause my face is very shiny and not smooth to the touch every day, built I'm not sure if it because of the cetaphil

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It's amazing how many things you tried at that didn't work and the thing that did was so simple and unexpected. The academic research does indeed back up the idea that vitamin A is helpful for acne. Thank you for sharing your insights!

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Dear Daviha,

Thank you for your interesting advice, I would like to try these Code liver oil suppliments on my 16 year old son that sufferes fro the condition. Would you please indicate which web site do you use to purchase them. I looked on Amazon and they only have Code liver oil ones without the Retynil acetate. Thank you in advance.

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