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My Story, May Help Someone

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Hey guys!

My first post iv ever posted on any acne forums, I am 21 years old and have suffered with acne since I was 14-15, it has always been moderate/severe. I have always been self concious about it, over the years I have tried numerous over the counter/prescription gels/tablets/scrubs, nothing has really worked for me. I generally have quite oily skin, anyhow last month I heard about sea salt, since iv been using it my skin is clearing beautifully! My journey isn't over yet, But since using it my skin has vastly improved and my confidence has soared!

What I do is get a full sized spray bottle, I will fill with boiling water and pour a good amount of sea salt (Not table salt) into the bottle and shake for it to dissolve, I will spray my face (once cooled!) and let dry naturally, then every 3-4 hours I will wash my face with cold water and spray my face again. My skin stays dry all day and has done wonders for my acne! I think you can use tablet salt but I believe it is higher in iodine so not as effective (may be wrong) it does sting a little bit but it is no to bad! Anyone who thinks all hope is lost I would definatly recommend this, Im not saying this will work for everyone but this has done wonders for me when nothing else has. good luck everybody!

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