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Recommended Approach For These Acne Scar For Next Drs Appt?

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Hi all,

Have some serious acne scars on lower

left cheek, not much elsewhere on face.

It was from my 20's before accutane shut

my serious acne down like a light switch.

Anyway, in last 15 years I started with collagen injections (useless), co2 laser

(minimally effective), THEN just 2.5 years ago a vampire facelift (platelet rich plasma with hyaluronic acid fillers= minimally effective), Subcision with 2 units of artfill

(moderately effective), self derma-rolling

(minimally effective).

I'd honestly say i had ALL of the above to

give me a 30% improvement :-/

I have an appt. with a pretty good derm in a bit over a week now and am wondering which direction to go in at this point?



After reading above what might any of you see and or recommend?

See pics below.

Thanks in advance.






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I've read about subscision with saline injections after....but it's not something a lot of doctors will do, ie saline

but read about it and push for that, then you can do repetitive subscisions after the first one, every few months, not to mention it's cheaper then HA fillers!!

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Based on your photos, I can't really see any scars. You're lucky as the texture of your skin still looks smooth. I would think your skin would look flawless with a few rounds of subcision. You should look for Mr. Matt's post. He's had great success improving similar scarring with subcision and suction. I wish my scars had normal skin texture.

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Thank you kindly for your feedback. I really appreciate it. I asked in another post as well but can Subcision be done in same area again if a permanent filler like artfill is used?

Also, my Dr a few years ago did subcision and had me come back a month later for filler. Hmm? Would you think scars may tend to retether in that time? Also, and this is my final question, the subcision and then suction method sounds really good but how would I do if my dr didnt subscribe to it, hmmm???

Ty a million time over in advance inspired.

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Your skin actually looks really good. I don't think most people would even consider it scarred.

How about using a topical retinoid like Tazorac?

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Thanks for comment.

Ive had work done on skin already of course and with that aside its kind of about lighting with my skin.

At times in certain light i look

In mirror and it look quite uneven in places.

I use acnefree night treatment retinoid which i really like. I had prescription of retin A but if i go in sun with even suntan lotion skin turns very red and burns.

I have tezorac i got a while ago as an acne spot treatment of sorts but it is like retin a on steroids and i get very red from it.

Ill see what dr says next week and post it here.

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The only reason I suggested Tazorac was because my daughter was prescribed it by her dermatologist for the red marks left behind by old acne. You are right it can make your face very red and sensitive. However her dermatologist told her to put it on at night after she cleanses her face and only leave it on for two minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water (instead of leaving it on overnight as most people do). She has been doing that for three weeks and is already seeing some improvement and no redness or burning.

Just a suggestion.

Good luck.

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Its soooo weird how in certain light im perfectly happy and think I dont need

anything else done and then in other light, im like OMG SCARRY! Light really does play trick with scars especially when youve had some work done on them

already and are SUPER CONSCIOUS OF THEM!

Another thing ive noticed since my subsicion a few years ago is there are patches on my face where haiir doesnt grow! Although

that might not seem like a problem it is weird and makes me more prone to want to not let facial hair grow for long; anyone here hear about that?

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