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Acne Cyst For Over Three Years. What To Do?

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I am a 17 year old male and I have had moderate acne for about 3 years. About 3 years ago a single cyst about the size (roundness) of my pinkie thumbprint, (sorry not very specific) appeared on my right cheek. I went on accutane 2 years ago and it got rid of everything right away. About a year ago my acne started flaring up again and now the cyst has made a come back. I wash my face twice a day, use retin-a every night, and take cephalexin twice a day. I am wondering if there is any way to get rid of this darn thing naturally so I can finally just be totally done with it once and for all. Thank you for your help!! :)

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I would say to address recurring cysts to either get a cortisone shot or to have them professionally excised. Please discuss w/ a derm.

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From what I know about cysts I think that when you get a pretty big one that is deep under the skin it is enclosed almost like it is in a sack. Even when the inflammation goes down the sack tends to remain along with some scar tissue, if it has been there for a while, this makes it easy for the empty sack to get re infected and really the only way to remove completely is to have the sack that held the cyst taken out, but even then I have heard of people having recurring cysts. This all sounds quite dramatic and having surgery isn't the only option, in fact it's the last option. I had a bad cystic outbreak about a year a go, I had one cyst that would not budge for months and ended up creating smaller cysts near by that seemed to be connected (my dermatologist says that this is a sinus tract and it is the same sort of thing, it remain when the inflammation is gone). It honestly took about six months for the inflammation to go down and then I could still feel lumps under my skin when I washed my face. My dermatologist said that this was likely the sack left over or some scar tissue. Since then I have been using differin once a day and got my acne under control, gradually the lumps I can feel under my skin have gone away, the dermatologist did say that the scar tissue or sack can dissolve in time on its own or basically reduce to nothing, which I hope is what has happened in my case. Sorry this was so long winded, what I'm trying to say is, your not alone, it's quite common and if I was you I would find a regimen to get your breakouts under control and with time the cyst and anything it leaves behind should settle down. I do think that a retinoid can help, I use differin which is very mild but it clears our your pores are helps to resurface your skin, so there is less chance of your pores becoming blocked and the cysts flaring up again, it also helps with the texture and any raised scar that the cyst might leave behind. Once the cysts is no longer infected, massage is a great technique to help with any raised scar or if you still find it has left a bit of a lump. I hope this help...don't worry it will get better :)

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