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Black Soap Caused More Breakouts?

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I heard some great things about black.soap and I decided to try it on my fave and back and chest (have a lot of acne and acne scars on my back!). I bought AAAshea butter black soap from whole foods.

I tried it morning and night for the past 2 days but I think it might be making my acne worse?

It's very drying so I used it with argan oil.

On my face it eemed to cause more white heads and redness. On my back and chest I seemed to get more red pimples and it just irritated my already existing red pimples., Today I also noticed it caused my nipples to be very painful.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is this part of the purging or does black soap not work for my skin?

I really need to clear my skin in 6 Weeks for a wedding! Anyone have any suggestions??

Thanks in advance!

it also caused my back to very itchy? is this reaction normal?

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I do not know about that brand of black soap. I get mine from Amazon, the raw natural stuff. Have you used the Argan oil in the past without breaking out? Every time I put that stuff on my face, I break out like instantly, unfortunately. Black soap is a bit drying at first. It takes a couple weeks for your skin to get used to it, which would cause the itching from the dryness. Dryness is not a bad thing to active acne.

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ALSO I forgot to mention....eating chocolate does cause me to break out.

So does that mean I would breakout with black soap too since it contains coco?


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Curious to know if you continued to use the black soap. My daughter has used it consistently for several years now. It's the only soap she will use.

We buy the bar from Amazon, grate a small portion with a cheese grater, mix with warm water, and use it in a pump bottle.

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