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Importance Of Dental Health

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23 y/o long time mild-moderate acne sufferer and Acne.org board lurker. I wanted to share some information that I hardly ever see discussed here: the link between dental health and acne. I never took very good care of my teeth; sure I had cleanings twice a year, but every other day of the year I was just brushing half-assedly once or twice a day, no flossing or anything else. I ended up with 15 cavities last year. So i started getting the cavities filled a few at a time and noticed my acne improving with each dentist visit. I also started brushing thoroughly after every meal, no matter where i was. I started oil pulling, flossing every tooth every night, and using a non-alcoholic mouthwash. I spend almost 30 minutes a day taking care of my teeth. Anyway, my dentist told me that poor dental health causes inflammation in the body: bingo. My acne is now 90% clear: i still have 2 cavities to get taken care of.

I also take organic tumeric, 450mg Saw Palmetto, and 500mg magnesium every day. I take 50mg Zinc/copper, fish oil, and cod liver oil a few times per week and use Dan's cleanser, BP, AHA, and Jojoba (not that awful moisturizer). I don't eat any dairy, and limit the following: sugar, bread, flour, spicy foods, caffeine, junk food. However, I was doing all of this (except the tumeric) before I began taking care of my teeth and had very limited success. I'm sure i will eventually phase some of these products/practices out.

Anyway, I recommend following the dental care regime i outlined in paragraph 1 (italics) and getting professional cleanings/check-ups twice a year. My face is clearing up and I have never been happier. I hope my advice helps someone with the agonizing skin condition known as acne.

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