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Why Are Whites So Acne Prone As Opposed To Blacks?

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(this is meant with no racism) The truth is most black people have less acne issues than whites, a matter a fact most blacks have beautiful healthy skin. From what I've obsereved in public I see the most severe manifestions of acne in whites and nodular acne in asians (for reasons unknown). Occassionally I have come across a black person with acne but it tends to be on the mild end of the spectrum.

Why would this be?

I was inspired to make this post after reading this thread.

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I thought people use the term black everywhere.

Anyway, you live in Canada which means you probably see a lot of Africans and they generally have nice skin. I've never met an African with a pimple and they're a lot in my country lately. The rest of us black people do get acne, but I agree it's usually less severe.

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Let's see some studies and some facts. Anecdotal "evidence" isn't going to be much use to anyone in this discussion because I might as well assert that I've noticed that black people have more acne that whites.

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There are a lot of African Americans where attend school and I think they appear to have acne just has often as caucasians do. There's actually an African American guy in one of my classes right now who has some of the worst acne I've ever seen. I feel bad for him :(

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