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Back/body Regimen Questions!?!?

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ok so im a guy and 17 and have bad back acne. I have been doing the back regimen for about a week now and havent really results yet. BUT im making this post because im a little confuese and and wondering if im doing it correct.

So currently im washing my back 2x a day and after each wash i wait about 10 minutes and apply 4 pumps of bp (2 pumps for each side of back) then i wait about another 10 minutes and apply 4 pumps of aha (again 2 pumps for each side of back) i then wait about 10 mins to put on a shirt. then repeat the process about 10-12 hours later

My question is am i doing everything correct? and y dont i feel any irritation/burning/flaking on my back? i mean if i put a half a pump of bp on my face it litteraly feels like my face is burning and then again im puting 4 pumps of bp and 4 pumps of aha twice a day everyday and my back dosnt feel anything.

SO if i continue everythung im doing will I see results? GIVE ME FEEDBACK/ADVCIE!! THANKS

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Yes, you are doing it correctly, however the acne.org back regimen just doesn't work that great if at all. I tried it for 6 months and the only thing I got was bleached t shirts. Also wearing AHA in hot or humid weather feels like crap. I guess it also depends on your type of acne whether it works or not. Dan even says that after he took accutane his bacne never came back, so how the hell did he even come up with it?

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You are doing it right but keep in mind that the skin on the back is much thicker and tougher than facial skin, so you typically won't feel the same level of irritation as your face does. Hang in there. It may take up to three months before you see really good results.

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