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Hey guys,

the 7 year battle with problem skin has finally shown some results! I had literally tried everything to combat spots ranging from antibiotics to benzoyl, gels to over the counter medicines and nothing ever worked.

However, since the start of March I tried a new regime due to the fact that I read somewhere that spots (non hormonal) are caused by two main reasons 1)bad diet and 2) the liver not being able to cleanse your blood properly.

I did some research and found that coconut oil pulling helps in detoxifying the body. Since trying this my skin has cleared up a lot and I have less breakouts! A pleasant side effect is that it helps whiten your teeth :)

Obviously as you all know, it wasn't only this that allowed me to clear my skin, it was a combination of other things which I am about to list.

  1. Vitamin D 3000 iu supplement, I've noticed that when I stay out in the sun for longer my skin tends to break out less. Vitamin D deficiency is very common for places such as England!
  2. Taken at the same time as zinc picolinate 50mg, taken with an empty stomach when I wake up after oil pulling.
  3. Dandelion tea, everyday and drink loads of water! Dandelion tea is very good for detoxing the body
  4. A honey face mask most nights, this can be mixed with lemon juice, almond powder, rice flour or cinnamon depending on your needs! Honey is a very cheap and effective way to prevent break outs!
  5. Diet is very important, try to have your 5 a day (more if you can!) If you a busy schedule, I recommend having the detox juice drink or even better Living fuel super greens!
  6. AVOID COW'S MILK!!!!!!!!!! The hormones people put in clogs your pores and makes your skin more oily! Good substitute is goats milk, soy milk, almond milk.
  7. If you can try to eat less refined carbs, they cause sugar spikes which in turn cause spots!
  8. Wash face twice a day, I currently use my clarisonic and juju bubblemoist foam cleanser, followed up by a clarins toner, clinque anti blemish solution and clinque dramatically different moisturising gel.

I'll keep u guys updated on how it's going for me. But I haven't had a single break out in 2 weeks! This is amazing for me since I used to break out everyday!

By using all these techniques, my skin is getting better and clearer everyday! Obviously, we all know that everyone is different and I'm not saying that this will certainly work for you but for someone who's nearly tried everything and finally found a cure, I think it's definitely worth a try!

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Still going well! Have one or two minor breakouts this week but nothing major like before. I think breakouts this week were due to unhealthy eating more than anything. Skin is looking better than ever!

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I use coconut oil to oil pull. The basics of oil pulling is that u place a tablespoon of coconut oil into your mouth and swirl it around for 20 mins. This allows the toxins to absorb into the oil. After 20 mins (no longer) spit the oil out preferably into the toilet since it could block your drain! And rinse mouth throughly with warm water and brush teeth after. Do this first thing in the morning. Also I eat a tablespoon of eat coconut oil 3 times a day to cleanse my system as it is anti microbial! Tell me how it goes. =)

Update. Skin is getting more and more clear! Had one small breakout today but its shrunk already! Will keep you guys updated

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