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Recent Flare Up Of Acne

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I am a 26 year old male

In the last few months I have had a sudden flare up of acne, mostly on my back but in the last week these are now appearing on my neck.

These spots start off under the skin, feel hard and eventually rise up to the surface. They are painful when touched. They are extremely difficult to get rid of. Once the acne has gone, it remains as a dark scar.

I have used: A rub on zineryt, I wash my back with a clean and clear cream, I have tried use the clean and clear lotion and for the last few weeks I have taken antibiotics (Tetralysal)

All of these have had little effect.

Before Christmas my back was reasonably clear but now it is covered in scars and spots.

I was looking forward to going on holiday but it is effecting my confidence. What can I try next? And what could be causing it? (I can't think of anything I'm doing differently)

Thanks for your help.

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May I suggest something? I've given this advice to countless people, including two very good friends of mine and they came back to thank me...

Cool down your shower and change your shampoo, (and how you rinse it off.).

Shampoo and conditioner were a major pain for me. Once I changed my water temp to just warm, and rinsed off my hair so that it didn't run down my back, all of my acne disappeared. This also saved my friends as well. I have really short hair so I usually will just use Aveeno bar soap on my hair and the lack of perfumes and other garbage made a huge difference. I used to use Axe shampoo and I'd break out in the same areas in a day.

Standing in a steaming hot shower also caused me problems. Although I blame the shampoo more.

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