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Alternative Moisturizer

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So, I got a new regimen kit yesterday. This isn't my first time trying it.

The moisturizer is still super heavy and greasy, and after using it last night I woke up with 2 dozen whiteheads. This is pretty unusual for me.

Anyone else have negative experiences with the moisturizer, and if so what alternatives have you used.

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Dans moisturizer didn't work out for my son either. Caused irritation and redness, and then a huge breakout. Moisturizers seem to be very problematic, what works for one person can be horrible for another. And many of them sting and burn. Right now both my sons are using pure grapeseed oil as their moisturizer with the regimen and it is really good.

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Yes Dan's moisturizer seems to get mixed reviews from people.

My daughter is on the Regimen and uses a moisturizer by Cetaphil that is for sensitive skin and has spf15 and it doesn't cause her to break out. She has also used a moisturizer called Hydralight from Paula's Choice and it was very good but is more expensive.

Other people on this website seem to like jojoba oil although I have never used it myself.

I find that sometimes you have to try a few things to find what works best for you.

Good luck.

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