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Thinking Of Starting Accutane For Mild Acne

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It's been about a year since my last post:

I have been on clindamycin topical and epiduo for a year now. I was on doxycycline for about 6 months (up until october). It worked really well for my skin, even up until i stopped taking it. I also take Murad supplements, which i believe helped maintain my skin clear during and after the doxy. Up until a month or two ago when i stopped taking the supplements for a little bit just to test the effects. I did start breaking out a little, the worst it's been in a over a year.

Anyway, i visited my derm since the last time i stopped taking the doxy. She mentioned Accutane for me again, and i think even though my acne isn't super bad, i think i've gotten to the point where i'm just pretty done with the amount of money i spend on supplements, topicals, etc and i've been really thinking about going through with it. Even when my skin is at it's clearest, it's never 100%. I'll still get one or two small ones, some really small yet annoying under the skin comedones on my nose, and oily skin that seems to never want to go away. Unfortunately, i also started scarring pretty easily. If i break out a little, i will still get a scar, and with every passing year i accumulate some new scars. So because of these factors i'm really considering it.

The reason i'm making a post is because i hoped to see if i can get feedback from other people with mild acne who took it and their results/comments about it. I also have a few general questions, such as:

-what kind of doses would i be expecting

-i know that accutane stops sebum production, should i expect this even after i finish the treatment?

-(insurance question) i'm in the US, so i would have to go through iPledge, meaning i would have to visit a lab to get blood drawn, is this covered under insurance/the treatment itself? I have blue cross/blue shield and i just want to know if i should expect to pay a copay every time i go to the lab.

Here are some pictures of what my skin looks like right now:





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Honestly your skin is not bad at all...

I have mild acne with ups and downs. A few inflamation spots, hyperpigmentation, but a lot of comedones and blackheads. Besides that i have very oily skin.

Hormonal treatments did nothing for my acne or my oily skin, so my dermatologist prescribed me accutane. I'm almost finishing my second month, and so far so good. The first month was difficult, i had a really bad breakout, but my blackheads and most of comedones are gone now. I'm not acne free yet, but i'm pleased with the results so far.

And my oily skin is gone! It's an awesome feeling!! I do not have to worry about shine and oiliness, and the dryness is manageable so far.

I don't know what's your age, but it's up to you, if you're willing to sacrifice your body to such an aggressive treatment. And besides that, it's not guaranteed that you'll be 100% acne free at the end of the treatment.

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Yeah, your skin isn't bad at all. For me, honestly, I don't think you need Accutane.

Have you tried topical Retin-A/Tretinoin? Because I remember when I first visited my dermatologist, my skin was exactly the same as yours, he just prescribed me a Clarifying Lotion, Clindamycin Lotion and a Tretinoin 0.1%, and it really cleared my face. Made it smoother and even fairer, even the red marks were gone. Ask your dermatologist about it. I'm just saying. :)

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