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Paula's Choice Product, Fade Red Marks.

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Ok, i have red marks that i want to fade/treat in my cheeks, and a little bit of rocacea(I think). I'm going to order from Paula choice products. What do u think of that?


Currently i have my acne under control, only 1-2 pimples. Im using "neutrogena cisibly clear blackhead eliminating daily scrub" to eliminate pores/blackheads. [Edited link out]


Ok, to treat red marks I think I need exfoliants, but which one? [Edited link out]. This is first time using AHA or BHA but I want a product that is effective.


I think I need "moisturizers with SPF", right? I am thinking of this one: [Edited link out]. Is that ok? It concerns sensitive and rocacea skins it says.


I think i will also buy Bio-oil from a pharmacystore too, to fade mark etc. So what else do I need? Toners? Cleansers? Or will it be "too much"?


Because It's 25+degree sun here I dont want to do IPL, i'll do it after the summer and try this routine first. I'm new to this so I need help and advice, please.


Besides this i will also take Zinc tablets, but are zinc using to fade marks or is it used to treat acne? I will also take multivitamins tablets, and i will eat a lot of orange(C-vitamin). I will give this "program" 3 months, and I hope to see some improvements because these products are quite expensive...


There are so many kinds of products out there. So please, can someone tell me to use which one, and how often? I need a "schedule".


Thanks guys/girls!

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I am really strongly advising not putting bio oil on your face, it's extremely fragranced and has a lot of essential oil in it that could potentially be irritating. It's also very greasy feeling.

I am new to Paulas Choice too but my skin has really been improving I think due to some of her products as well as starting Benzoyl Peroxide gel. Use a gentle cheap cleanser, make sure it doesn't have fragrance or alcohol or anything else irritating. All PC products are unfragranced, but I don't like her cleansers because they're too soapy feeling to me, you can also get one a lot cheaper from the store, I am using the face wash and the cream cleanser from The Body Shops Aloe range, it is for sensitive skin.

I am using her Clinical Instant Calm Advanced Redness Relief and I am really liking it so far, however I don't think that it claims to fade red marks, It contains lots of anti-irritants so it keeps my skin from being red and inflamed due to the acne treatments I'm using, if that makes sense. It does feel very nice on the face though and would probably be beneficial to someone with sensitive skin or rosacea.

For the actual fading of scars she has a product called Resist Pure radiance Skin brightening Treatment, it's part of her anti ageing line but it claims to fade acne scars, I got a sample of this and it really did seem to make the red areas on my face a bit brighter, however it's too expensive for me to afford (PC is more expensive in the UK than the US) and I only got a couple of applications so I'm not sure, I ordered 3 more samples but haven't used them yet, I would advise you to do the same for anything you plan on purchasing as skin is so subjective.

As for sunscreen, yes you should be wearing one every day, even in winter. Mineral sunscreens, like the one you linked, are more suitable for sensitive skin. I just started using a mineral sunscreen after a chemical one broke me out and made the area around my nose very dry and cracked. I'm using Banana Boat Natural Reflect SPF 50 and it feels very nice and I am not getting any breakouts so far. In my opinion 60ml for almost 30 euros is quite expensive.

I am not sure if BHA/AHA gets rid of marks but they are supposed to be good for your skin anyway. I have only tried her BHA 2% for acne but stopped using that when I started Benzoyl Peroxide so I don't have any advice on them. You are already using a physical exfoliant, just make sure you are not scrubbing too hard and causing skin irritation.

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