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Hey to everyone this will be my first post, ive looked on the site for advice over the years but have decided to join today. Im Oliver 28 Yrs from Hampshire in the UK.

I have suffered from serve acne since i was 12 im now 28 and it has been the worst and most testing time off my life i have alot to get off my chest about things and i ahvent shared these things with anyone but i need to, to get rid of some demons sorry if the post is long.

I tired everything for my acne suffered from depression because of it and always felt alone i was bullied at school and college and girls wouldnt come near me and due to this i have had self esteem issues. i was put on roaccutane for 4 years and let me tell you now it helped but what i have left from it i would warn everyone away from it, while on this drug i was very aggressive suicual thoughts, depressed all the time and this went on for 4 years and i couldnt share this with anyone 4 years of hell even now i have the metal effects slightly from the drugs now with some depression and when i have a bad day it seems so much worse but i try to put things into prespective, please anyone who is thinking of taking it have a good long hard think about it if your on it for a long time it can change you as a person i not the same i once was.

everyone needs good people around them to help them through the tough times or even a stranger to talk to this is why this site was so great all though i would peek in private and just read people going through the same things as me really helped. my sister over the last couple of years has really helped me what i will say now is no scam or spam or whatever its called as i wont mention any product names.

I had acne all over my back shoulders chest arms and face over 70% of those areas in acne for the last 14 years its hard she saved her little money and got me a health and vitamin supplement, ive been taking it a while and feel great my acne is slowly clearing as we all know theirs no easy option my scars are healing and im getting over my depression :-)

i want to be able to help everyone as i know what its like i been dealing wih this for 16 years a few things i want to offer.

1. my facebook or twitter if people just want to talk or advice ive been going through this mostly alone for 16 years i wish i had someone we all need that.

2. facebook can see my pics so show im not fake.

3. i just started selling the vitamin im being honest and it works but im not saying a product name as im not spamming people who want to know more can message me thats all.

im mostly here to support people no one understands it bettert then people who have gone through it. i am starting this business selling it as i believe in it so much. but i will reply to anyone who wants to know more, advice on anything i have suffered or just someone to talk to, message me here, ask for my twitter or fb i dont mind.

everyone should be helped with this and i think alot of people who have not siffered with acne or gone through roaccutane know how difficult this is.

anyone needs anything i will reply to anyone.

have a great day one of my favortie quites s from bruce lee "dont pray for an easy life, but the strength to endure a difficult one" we all need the strength i want to help wither by advice vitamins or just being someone to talk to.


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That's good to hear man but you should never be ashamed who you are just because you have acne. Will girls judge you off acne? Yes but a lot of girls won't.

I am dating this girl and she was much better looking then me and at the time I had mild acne and braces. I was shocked she dated me because I hated myself and one day I asked her why she went for a guy like me and she said " I fell in love with your personality and you make me happy and I am not going to let acne get in the way of that because it's not like you asked for it"

But I glad you posted this. I pray everyday that there is more people like you out there in the world so when I find people i feel better

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thanks man love your attitude ive been through it all and i want to help people, people who have not had acne dont know what its like, im concered with people on roacutane its not nice and dangerous i just would like people to speak to someone who has been on it before, ive been taking a health supplemnt called juice plus its cleared most my scars and acne now im so happy im that keen ive started my own business with it, its natural i dont want people on roactuane anyways if anyone you know on here needs advice just get them to meesaage me

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You said you have been taking accutane for 4 years,, did you notice any difference to your erections and your libido? Can you get it up and maintain it without problems? I have seen many people talking about accutane's side effects but they hadh't taken this pill for over 6 months so iam curious a bit

P.S Iam not talking about accutane side effects while u was on it but i mean now.. After the treatment

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hey my libido is fine and my erections are normal to, more metal effects can be a bit moody and get on a down cycle quickly well that was before i began my nutritional supplment and business now i taking this i feel alot better and healthier and its cleared my scars alot something roaccutance cant do, theirs better options then to take it i regreat taking it but happy to give advice to anyone. my nurtironal supplement literal has saved my life after it :-) and im getting my confidence slowly back eveyrhting takes time

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