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I also posted this in a post I started In the rosacea section, but thought this forum was was more appropriate. Please help! Anyone!!! Read my other posts if you would like to get a back story.

So I stopped caring... Or at least tried too. I ate whatever I wanted. for four whole weeks. No change in my skin. Didn't get better or worse. Still had persistent clogged pores on the sides of my eyebrows. And above my lip. But nothing got worse. I saw a new dermatologist. She just wanted to prescribe me something else. Epoduo or something. She also recommended washing with bp. Same stuff different doc. I didn't try the epoduo stuff. However, I did start cleanings with bp three weeks ago. No improvement on the clogged pores. It didn't get worse either.

Then BAM!!!!! What on earth is going on?! 3 nights ago I wake up with two cystics. One On chin and one besides eyebrow. Next day I wake up to another on my chin... Then two more sprout up throughout the day. And I also have little whiteheads. It's itchy and painfully all at the same time... Plus I have acne all over my chest. Like white heads all over and even a couple infected ones?!! I've never had chest acne.

Sounds like hormonal acne... But I've never experienced it like this before. It's like it's spreading or something. And those clogged pores by my eye brows will not respond to any treatment and one by one they get infected then they go back into hibernation. It's so strange.

I was thinking... Fungal folliculitis or hormones.. What do you guys think?

These pics don't do it justice. I have four cystics and a couple infected white head things... All on my chin.. Plus cystic on side of eye brow and I feel one coming in above that eyebrow too....

Help please!!!

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Your chin looks irritated. The acne can be cause by over exfoliating the skin barrier. Maybe the bp wash u are using is tohigh. Or the ingredients in the bp wash are to harsh. Ur acne looks mild. Try reducing the bp wash and use an oil free moisturizer afterwards even if you have oily skin.

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