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So around a year ago my forehead developed deep lumps (not pustule pimples they were tiny bumps on my skin which I could not get rid of!) Then I started to get pimples on my chin about 5 months later, and then it spread to my cheeks and became more severe and sore- which are now pustule-like pimples. They also turn to scabs which don't clear for a long time!! I have tried everything to clear it! apple cider vinegar, face steams(helps temporarily- relieves the "angriness" of pimple), ProActiv (terrible!), witch hazel, natural products, honey, you name it! It's really upsetting me now because I just can't clear it up no matter what I do. I have cut out all sugar from my diet- I have always eaten a relatively healthy diet (I don't touch processed foods either).

Does anyone have any advice? I really don't want this to scar either I'm so over it!

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Please post a photo, the one that you posted in your post is .png.. make it .jpeg and upload it in ur post so that everyone get to see what you're talking about.

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Welcome to the boards, Cinni! (:

If your acne is truly hormonal, then topicals will make no difference. There are a lot of hormonal treatment options out there, both natural and pharmaceutical. Some natural options are DIM, saw palmetto, vitex, natural progesterone cream, vitamin D, and inositol. Pharmaceutical options include spironolactone or birth control pills.

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