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Stubborn Blackhead Won't Go Away!

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So I have had this rather large black head on my cheek, just under my eye, for about 2 months now. It's obviously a black head since it has a black center. It's not sore or tender like a pimple, it's just a big black dot on my face.

I have tried squeezing it about a month ago, and I merely irritated the skin for a couple a days. Made it red for a while, then it faded.

Tried using a needing to dig the stuff out (Stupid I know, save the lecture)

Tried sulfur mask, deep sea mask, steaming my face, pore strips, egg white mask, virtually everything, and it's not even budging!

I'm on my fourth month of accutane by the way, and my derm told me it should dry out the black head. But like I said, it's been there for months. My not-so-bright derm tried getting it out, and just irritated even more than I had previously. It must really be a deep one.

Any advice on how to get rid of this annoying blackhead? It's so noticeable!

-Thank you.

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If you weren't on accutane i would advised you to try face steaming, that's how i usually get rid of any noticable blackheads.. but i wouldh't do it while i was on accutane.!

Anyway no worries, iam pretty sure it will go away eventually, ;p

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