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Will I Ever Be Prescribed Accutane?

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I live in Canada and have mild to moderate acne. I have tried about 10 products topical gels, pills etc... and I have had 0 progress. Sometimes these products work for a short amount of time but never have lasting results. After about 5 years of acne I'm just so exhausted.(and in football the helmet rapes my acne giving me some painful war paint)

I asked my derm about accutane and the response was imagine a puerto rican woman voice "No no no not for you, that it for severe acne too risky for you."

Is it possible that one day she will run out of these nearly useless creams and give me accutane?

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is it possible, who knows....but get going on some things you can control

diet, ditch dairy, no whey powder, cut it out for 30 days and see if that helps

shower right after you work out, of course, clean towels and pillow cases, use a detergent free of dyes and fragrance- get some sun (yeah I know, this winter doesn't help)...check your vitamin D levels- clean up your diet, no processed foods, watch your carb intake and minimize sugars

go with a good topical routine, try the one here on acne.org....do what you can to control what you can

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