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Benzoyl Peroxide - Permanent Redness?

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Hi Everyone! Acne sufferer for 10+ years, although I now have it under control through diet. I've been using benzoyl peroxide for most of those years in some shape or form. Until 2011 I'd always use dermatologist prescribed solutions, but when they weren't having the desired effect I decided to order from this site. I got the typical redness/dryness and my skin would sting for a few minutes after application. However, while the dryness and stinging reduced with use, the redness was always present.

At some point 6 months-1 year in I began to reduce the amount I was using from 2 pumps twice a day to eventually 1/2 a pump once a day. The less I used, the less pronounced the redness got. By about 2 years in (last summer) I'd discontinued use altogether. However, I've continued to experience a baseline level of redness similar to a sunburn across my cheeks and nose. This has not really changed over the past 6 months. I think my nose had always been a bit on the red side, but the cheeks are new and to my eye there's a pretty clear delineation in colour between the areas I was applying the bp to and those that I wasn't (eg. around my eyes).

I don't have the option of going to a dermatologist for the next few months (away at university in a city with only 1 derm, impossible to get an appointment), so in the meantime I was wondering if anyone here had any thoughts. Have I permanently damaged my skin and is there anything I can do?

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i have same issue..i used proactiv for 10 yrs straight twice a day and am permanently red....went to derm and theres nothing they can do..and even though im completely clear...the redness doesnt subside...r u having active acne? whats ure regimen now?

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No active acne, just a lot of left over red marks which should fade with time. Regimen right now is just cleanser and moisturizer. Mainly cleaning up my diet seemed to fix my issues. Did your derm tell you anything about why it it would be permanent? I've done searches and I haven't seen much about this.

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