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So I'm so excited to tell you guys how I mostly cured my acne! I've never wrote on here before but this site helped me a lot. And I hope this post helps someone out there

I'm 16 and most people say it's hormones that cause acne in teens. I would say yes but diet also has an effect on it. I've been struggling with acne since I was 13. At first it was minor but then it started getting worse. So I tried a lot of different over the counter products like proactive. Non helped and really ruined my skin. Next step was the doctor who gave me doxycycline which didn't at all and messed up my gut. After that I tried a lot of supplements. All of them didn't help at all. So then about 4 months ago I decided to change my diet and skin care process. I would only cleanse with clearasil and eat very well. This has helped a bunch and cleared me up so good. But it has took a while to see this. Also I have bad allergies and claritin I think helps my acne too.

But things to avoid at all cost dairy, processes food, nuts, bananas, citrus, fast food. Make sure all fruit and vegetables are organic.

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i thought nuts and citrus fruits/bananas are good for the skin?? if any1 could give me advice that b great...i eat pistachios w/ out salt and almonds....and every fruit there is, lol.... and ive always been curious about claritin helping w/acne....any info would b great! thanx!!grinwink.gif

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