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The Famous "popping Sound"..?

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So I have just used a single needle on some of my individual scars.

I have read so much about the popping sound meaning you are breaking up scar tissue.

I did get the popping sound on the scars and so to test the theory I used the single needle on a unscarred part of my face - where I have never even had acne before (therefore no chance of there being any scar tissue.) And I also got the popping sound....

Is the popping sound actually scar tissue breaking up or just the sound of the needle piercing your skin?

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That's interesting! I've head quite interesting things about this. I've tried to needle my scars and sometimes I hear this popping sound but sometimes I don't. That's odd.

Please, let me know how deep did you pierce through the tissue. Are you using a single needle or a specific needle?


As far as I know, the "popping sound" means you're breaking hard tissue (scarred tissue).

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I've been needling & the popping sound will come if you needle good or scarred skin if your pushing hard enough to break the skin, some just needle lightly & don't hear it popping because they just roll over the skin to get the blood circulating or to make very small channels to let their serums sink in a little more. If you roll hard on a scar your breaking the skin & what's under it so your hitting scar tissue. I think. I've been doing it for a couple months now & I see as good results as if I got a fraxel which I had 7 of. You would think I'd have perfect skin by now but all I found was more damage from them & needling is like fraxel without the heat so I like that better . I got a couple line burns that don't go away from fraxel. I originally went for Erbium laser for my scars but came out much worse, scars on top of scars, fat loss, different texture. So for me needling & putting copper peptides or vit c on after is the better choice. Supposedly it causes a wound (like fraxel) that the skin tries to heal & the skin repairs itself with collagen to help raise the scar. If you do go hard you'll draw blood which is what I did the last couple times. It takes a week for me to heal, sometimes more but then I don't do it again for 5 weeks to give it enough time to heal. Check out youtube. & put in derma pen or derma rolling. Lots come up about it. I bought a dermapen called My M for about 60.00, it's easier & doesn't hurt as much & the tips are a lot cheaper than to keep buying rollers every 5 or so uses.

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I have been using a single needle which is 1.5 mm in depth. I think at least in my case I get the "popping" sound when the needle pierces my layers of skin.

I don't think the sound actually means it is breaking up scar tissue.

I am not saying that needling itself doesn't break up scar tissue but for me at least the sound is just more of piercing.

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Ever since i started using tattoo needles,it does not make the popping sound.It definitely pierces the skin though because it bleeds!I always got the popping sound when i used a regular needle or a derma stamp.The tattoo needle works the best for me and i am finally starting to see results.

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