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Should Moisturiser Sting?

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Recently the skin around my nose has become quite dry and cracked and I have had several breakouts on my chin and around my nose, I am suspecting due to a chemical sunscreen I started using (over 40% active ingredients). I've stopped using this and my skin is getting better BUT skincare products that I was using before this occurred are now stinging my face, especially moisturisers. I don't have sensitive skin, it's very rare that a product will break me out or cause a reaction.

Anyhow my question is whether a moisturiser stinging is a bad thing, does it indicate I am sensitive to any of the ingredients? Or is it simply because I am putting a product on broken skin? The only areas that hurt are around my nose and my chin where most of my acne is. The stinging lasts about a minute and then dissipates and then it feels soothing again. I have been using Cerave PM Lotion and E45 Moisturising lotion which are both fragrance free and used for sensitive skin. I don't really understand what's going on.

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It's probably just a temporary situation that your skin is stinging. You can using petroleum jelly until your skin feels healed. I have sensitive skin and so do my sons, a lot of moisturizers sting. The only thing that seems to be totally soothing is Vaseline. And I've never found it to cause breakouts. Try just patting some on your face while it is still damp from cleansing and it will seal in the moisture.

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