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Accutane Not So Accurate

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I just finished my 6 month course of accutane about 5 days ago, and I have to say it does not look so pretty compared to the other positive results others got. I have a lot of hyperpigmentation and redness with some scarring and to top it all off I STILL have active pimples (just woke up with one in between my eyebrows) and I honestly am about to lose hope on everything and all the treatments there are out there for acne.

My dermatologist said that if I am not satisfied with my scars in 3 months to try laser...what do you guys think? I see no point if I'm still actively getting new pimples.

Here was my dosages over the past 6 months:

Months 1-2: 30mg

Months 3-5: 80mg

Month 6: 120mg

I am losing all hope in everything I don't think I've ever been this depressed about my appearance ever and I just need someone's feedback. Thank you.

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120 mg! Holy crap - you must have had the driest lips ever known to humans!

Don't feel hopeless, you are very much not alone to have mixed results. Only about half of people who take Accutane experience long term remission the first time around, without needing any other products afterwards.

Lots of people have to use a topical after or do a second course. A second course improves chances of long term remission and might be an option for you.

Also, lots of people find that they continue to clear after their course is done, so maybe you are still on your way and need to give it a little more time.

And, there is lots of great research going on right now regarding long term low dose Accutane. Although the research is slow in coming (it takes a long time to do a low dose course), my derm told me that she has been having great success with long term low dose therapy on people who experience remission after a regular six month course.

I know it's hard. I have been on two courses myself, and it is difficult to hear all the stories of people who are clear for life after just one.

Hang in there.

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