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My Face Dried Out From Face Steaming (Picture Included) I Need Some Suggestions Guys! I'm Desperate!?

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Hello everyone, iam a NEW member and i decide to create an account as iam dealing with a recent skin issue..

here's the thing

I did a face steaming a couple days ago (you know with boil water/towel etc) But my skin unfortuantly dried out during the night

I didht have any pimples other than some blackheads alongside my nose which i wanted to pull them out and i did it.

Iam using Sebamed Cleansing Foam as my daily cleanser even through it is a bit harsh on my skin and if i use it with a dry skin that i have right now it's gonna make it even dryer so iam gonna avoid to wash my face with a cleanser with a hell of alot of ingredients in it. What i want to ask is.. how many times should i wash my face now that has dried out? I have been putting aloe vera gel on it twice a day morning and night will it help ? I also posses a moisturizer creme named "Effaclar mat" which i used to use a year ago should i use the moisturizer creme instead of aloe vera gel?(aloe vera gel is completely natural) Should i wash my face just with water until my dead skin go away First? I need some help here guys as iam really desperate!

Thanks and sorry for any spelling mistake, english aint my native language :)

Have a nice day

Picture of my skin condition after face steaming



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Applying Aloe Vera should definitely help! I never face steamed before, (since I'm so lazy) but definitely apply moisturizer/lotion when you go outside (if there's sun). Drinks lots of water to get natural oils back on your face.

Good luck! :)

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My face has gone back to normal by applying aloe vera gel twice a day and drinking 3,4 littre of water! Thanks for your answer mate.. CLOSED the topic

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