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Read! -- Calling All Young Ambitious Kiwis And Aussies With Bad Skin(Duh)! -- Study Computer Sci!

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Let me start off by saying hello.

Quick Intro

Ok, this is going to seem crazy but bare with me. I won't drag this out but I have come to the realization that I am never going to have normal/perfect skin. It has been a uphill battle for a few years now and it has taken me to some extreme lows I never though I could imagine. I suffer from both kprf and rosacea, mixed in with some acne on my nose and texture damage in some places due to the $1000's of dollars worth of treatments I have tried. The worse thing for me is inflammation and flushing. The thing is though, I would not be a bad looking guy if it wasn't for my skin. I keep very fit (good body) and eat healthy (90% of the time) and am sun smart which keep things relatively at bay. I'm by no means a religious person, but I believe everything happens for a reason. I mean, If I didn't have bad skin I would be an absolute up myself loser and have no regard for other peoples feelings. The last few months have been particularly hard with my skin due to the minor change in texture which sent me over the top. It was a dark time for me but it got me thinking.. If I dedicated myself to something like I do with my skin I would be extremely successful...

An Idea:

So here I am. male, kiwi, 19 years old and absolutely no direction in life. I come from an extremely well off background and work for both my parents. But next year I want to do my own thing, and most likely go to university to study computer science so I can work for myself on my own tech startups and literally follow my new thesis of "fuck bad skin, get money" - I'm tired of obsessing over my skin! I love coding and I'm an entrepreneur by nature and I love the idea of working for myself as a freelancer and starting up my own successful business. But, heres the thing that anyone with bad skin will understand - It's not easy being 'normal' with bad skin and doing the typical study-graduate-job type thing. I don't want to look back on my life in regret. That is why I propose the following idea: We form a highly ambitious/determined group of people to flat with one an other to attend uni to study computer science and work our asses off to startup our own businesses (yes, plural) and become rich and successful! Spend weekends coding, nights sharing ideas and coding, making apps and websites, freelancing! Fuck what people think!! - Make something of ourselves together with no one telling us what to do! Learning to code heaps of crazy cool stuff!!!...Replace our obsession for perfect skin with something actually obtainable through passion and hard work, money and success!! It would be a fresh start! Something like the wolf of wallstreet except minus Leo's perfect skin haha! But seriously, think about it - we dedicate our lives to this and our skin problems won't even matter. It is so hard to get ahead with shitty skin but together this could seriously work! It sounds crazy but like I said, just think about it and drop a comment below. Having good skin is over rated anyway a wise man once said.


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