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Ran Out Of Retin-A 0.01% - Can I Use Micro 0.1%?

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Hi there. I've been using Tretinion 0.01% for the past year or so. I can't say I'm thrilled with the results (not sure it's really doing anything at all, but maybe my skin would be worse without it). I'm in between health insurance policies right now, so I can't see my dermatologist and he won't renew my Rx without seeing him (which seems ridiculous to me for a topical prescription), but I do have a sample of Retin-A Micro that my mother gave me. The thing is that it's 0.1%, which is 10x the strength of the one I've been using. I'm thinking it might be time to up the dosage anyway and I hear that Micro is easier on the skin, but wondering if it's safe to try doing this on my own until my insurance kicks in again? I don't want to just stop treatment completely.

Any advice would he great!

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i feel like 0.01% is too light on the skin, especially since you have been using it for a year or so.

at the moment, im on retin A 0.05% and it works great.

i would suggest that if you dont have sensitive skin, to try the retin A micro. the standard amount to use for retin A is 'a pea sized amount' but since the micro is x10 stronger, i would suggest that you start with much less than a pea size and if no adverse reactions are encountered, to increase ever so slightly in a week to two weeks time.

PS: im not the best in giving advice because a week back i upped my retin a application, using twice the amount although still at 0.05% and it caused me to breakout. i was doing so well beforehand and i just HAD to fix something that didnt need extra fixing -_-.

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