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Bumpy/rough Under Skin Bumps On Forehead!

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Ive suffered with acne for around 2/3 years now but the last 6 months ive had really bad bumps on my forehead and temples.

I think they are clogged pores as they feel really rough but are flesh coloured so in certain lights it looks ok but in natural sunlight they look terrible.

Does anyone have any idea how i would try and get rid of these as i already suffer with anxiety and all this acne isnt making it any better!

Pic attached isnt the best as you cant see them but can kinda of see what i mean!

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Closed comedones maybe?

They are annoying because in certain lighting they are almost invisible but in others they are really noticeable so i never know what i look like, i carry around a mirror :/


Exfoliation helps, but i prefer a chemical exfoliant like a Glycolic acid facewash (mine is from SK:N) as opposed to the scrubs as the scrubs can be a bit irritating and it is tempting just to scrub as hard as you can which will inflame them or make them bleed.

Moisturing. People think moisturiser causes acne, but if you dont moisturise your skin is not hydrated and in order to compensate for this your skin over produces oil which can result in clogged pores. Dry skin will make your skin rough and also cause these. Supple hydrate skin is best.

Try not to touch them. I know its tempting, but they really arent that noticeable to other. They arent painful, its not like having a huge red inflamed cyst between your eyebrows or something.

Your skin looks great, I am jealous.

Good luck.

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Mine were similar to yours. What really helped was ACV and exfoliation with an electric toothbrush.

And I'd also give myself a mini facial twice a week which consisted of steaming, exfoliation and a clay mask.

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