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Long story short, I stopped taking minocycline for couple of weeks and it nearly killed me with constipation and depression. I was due for a visit to my derm and i ran out of prescription a week before the visit. I decided I will wait for doctors response.

Now minocycline did clear out acne and inflammation but when I stopped taking it, it really upset my GI and I was so badly constipated that I had to make a trip to ER. I came home from ER even more depressed, to a point where I started having suicidal thoughts. I kept crying for no reason.

I started to take minocycline away and my constipation cleared out and my mood, well I was not depressed anymore. But taking this stuff makes me feel disconnected, I lose focus during driving or during my classes

I generally live a healthy life and I have no other family/relationship problems that can contribute towards depression.

I am in my last year of university, I need to focus so I decided to stick with mino until the end of the semester but as soon as my school is over, I am getting off of these anti-biotics and topical steroids for good. I realized that acne is a small price to pay when we are talking about huge side effects. I can live with it. When I stopped minocycline for couple of weeks, that was the first time I had felt so low in my life.

Now, my main question to all of you, once I stop these anti-biotics, how long does it take for my body to return to normal state. I do not want to experience another episode of depression and constipation. How can I counter those side-effects?

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