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Seeking Advice On Acne!

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Hello all,

My name is Aj. I am 17 years old and i have been suffering from acne since 13. My acne has progressed over the years and has gotten worse and worse. Now it is the worst it has ever been and i have scars all over my face, including new acne adding towards it. Will be posting some pictures to show how bad it is.
My daily routine:

Morning and night i use neutrogena face scrub with exfoliating beads and scrub my face real well.

I rinse my face with hot water and dab my face dry.

I apply a layer of benzoyl peroxide 10% and go on with my day

I have been applying benzoyl peroxide for almost 2 years and now i feel as if my skin is immune to it and shows no effect.

I also have a bottle of prescribed clindamycin phosphate but i rarely apply this.

I also have a bottle of hydroquinone that i had bought for my scars but rarely apply.

Anything and everything i use never works. My skin never really gets too dry. Whenever it gets oily i wash it immediately.

Sometimes my acne would go away completely and i wouldn't get acne for a week and then i would break out again. This happens a lot.

My diet isn't great.

I eat a lot of sweet food.

I do not drink milk, and i try to avoid dairy at all costs.

I eat 4 eggs a day and work out from time to time.

I drink a lot of water.

My sleeping habits aren't that great.

Everything i try never works. I'm tired of my acne and i just want it to go away. It's keeping me from doing anything social nowadays.

I am thinking about talking to my doctor about accutane and i have ordered proactive plus. Lets see how it goes.

Could anyone give me advice on what i should do for my scars? And what skin type and acne do i have?

Any reply/info would be appreciated. Thanks!




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I think Accutane is pretty extreme for your acne, it seems pretty mild to me. I would say to try the proactive first and see if that works out. I don't really see any scars, maybe 1 pit near your mouth.

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I would try using a lower strength BP and applying it twice a day, more like the regimen suggests. Also, I think the cleanser may be too harsh, and you should probably not scrub too hard or use hot water, both of these are most likely irritating your skin. And try to reduce sweets, and maybe eliminate the eggs for a few days and see if that makes a difference. You may have sensitivities to certain foods.

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