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Last night i was doing some research on utube and run onto a video with a girl saying used vicks for cystic acne. What the heck, i use everything around the house that may do something. I am before my period and i have three loading pimples and a couple of cysts that castor oil broke out ten days ago. I left vicks overnight and ta..da... In the morning ALL have flattened. The cysts left only their red spot ( easy to conceal with make up) and the pimples were diminished, not to mention that those which were about to pop, they did quite easily. I heard its good for red spots and blemishes too, so i keep on with this magic blue jar. Its the only that acted really fast. IMPRESSED...

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Yes ,it is magic .

I have been writing about this on the rosacea ,then click on the seborrheic dermatitis thread last page ,46 , in case somebody else wants to read.

People probably might think I'm nuts .

Well ,maybe a couple of months ago,but not anymore ,thanks to my Vicks vaporub ,.

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Do you just use it on as a spot treatment on existing/new forming acne, or all over your face - does it prevent new ones from forming at all?

I definitely believe that it would help heal/reduce pimples fast. I may try this if I get another stubborn cyst.

Also, what about reducing red marks/pigmentation scars?

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@SiriBai.... use it all over my face , leave it overnight,I think my last post of the seborrheic dermatitis thread 48 ,49 ? Page , under the rosacea forumshas and explain the way I use it .

I can try to explain it but it's too long.so if you have time to do some reading.

It works, vicks vaporub in my case have dissolved my pimples and cysts, the cysts that came out overnight were only because I applied acnomel during the day to kind of irritate the cyst a little to make it come out to head faster , but I wouldn't recommend that.just dissolve it with the vicks,it is better , no mess and no breaking the skin.

So my conclusion is that if people are using some kind of exfoliating product during the day , then expect a full blown cyst to come out , and that is not nice .

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When you do use vapo rub, it's important that LESS IS MORE! Don't lay it on thick, honestly if you just put a little bit on before bed it clears up so quick. If your eyes are watering you've put on too much. If you can feel a slight tingle and the coldness of the product then that's the right amount. Took me a couple of nights to figure it out!

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