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So I don't bore you I will keep this short:

Basically, my doctor prescribed me Tretinoin gel 0.01% back near the end of November (2013) and recently in January I switched to Tretinoin Gel 0.025%. My face is horrible, I have a huge bump on my jawline, about 5 or 6 red pimples on my forehead, a huge pimple near my eye (next to my nostril kind of) and a few recovering zits on my chin and cheek. It's been 110 days (not including today) and I still have HORRIBLE breakouts. I'm seeing a dermatologist April 10th and my doctor told me to stay on it until then. I don't want to I mean, my face is worse than it was before starting, or at least the same. I never get this many pimples at a time. I also get them very fast. Sunday my skin had one pimple and now there is nearly 15. 14 pimples formed in 3 days.

Anyway, should I stop taking it or will I break out worse?

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how long have you been on tretinoin? have you taken it consistently every night? tretinoin is famous for taking a very looooooooong time.

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I dont think any med works for everyone

I know every Dr I have been to swears by tret or retin-a but i know some people that have stayed on it for a year and had no results

Got off it and skin actually improved

Maybe try to stop for a few days and try a 2.5% bp (if your skin can tolerate bp) and see how it goes

U could always go back on but it either isnt working or not enough to help/clear your skin

I use tret cream and while it hasnt stopped breakouts

when I add it back into my routine they seem to heal faster and mys kin overall (even with some breakouts) overall LOOKS better

if that makes sense



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