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Hi everyone, ino that if your on this website you understand how i feel.

My skin never gives me a break just when i think its getting better more spots appear.

I hate it soooo much. It got to the point where i completely hide away because im so ashamed of me face.

I dont know what to do:( i just want it to go away

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Hey Coles! That is so strange I actually joined this website because I figured out how to control my acne. It is in your genes and you may have to change your lifestyle a bit but it will definatley be for the better. I have a YouTube channel called: Control Your Acne. Check out my introduction video called "Intro Control Your Acne - Get Rid of Acne - Acne Free Meals. It is essentially a channel designed to educate people with acne why they get acne (not how it happens we all know that) and how you can control it with YOUR environment. One of the biggest aspects of your environment is your FOOD and if you are not eating the right amounts of food and in the right quantities and the right QUALITY then you have the potential to get acne. Do not worry I have suffered from acne for 6 years and I got it under control and I am happy to see the day every morning. Not only because I have control of my life but also that I am grateful for the experience because it taught me so much. Don't give up Cole. You can get it done. I'm sure the acne regimen they sell on this cite will help but you have to get the underlining problem under control RIGHT now. It will be a progress so don't give up. I know you will make it happen because I believed I could and I freakin did it! Now it is your turn. Good luck :)

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