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Hey everyone, i'm Alex and i'm new on this forum, so I want first of all thank all of you for teaching me a lot about my acne and to give me a place where I can get informed about this problem, thank you all.

I'm 16, my birthday is on September 24th, and, like all of you, I have acne. My acne started since I had 14, but it wasn't bad so I wasn't concerned about it, but since the past year it became worse and now I have it concentrated over my cheeks, with little dots over my forehead. I don't have cysts even if my acne is under the skin, I mean, I don't have huge pustules, just the normal acne, even if it's moderate-severe. I'm from Romania, but i've lived in Spain and I tried a lot of treatments, including Benzoyl Peroxide and the well known here in Romania Zynerit, which was useless. Now my mother sent me a cream which it's not on the market, it's made there in the drug store and contains:

Clindamycin 4%

Metronidazole 4%

Retynil Palmitate 1%

Base Beeler 50g

I want to know your opinion about it and please, if you can, to solve me some doubts I have about this treatment. I'm supposed to use this cream for 2 months, it says it will dry my skin a lot and etc but my skin is really undryable (idk if this word exists ) even if I use to clean the cream a sulphur soap who is supposed to dry it even more, but nothing, my face skin is very oily. I use it three times a day, and with a 10-day pills treatment of Vitamin A (oral).

Have you heard of this before, do you think it is good or ok? Please answer me, i'll be very happy if someone can finnaly solve my problems.

Have a nice day and thank you again for creating this website!

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