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Hi, all,

I have some hyperpigmentation that won't seem to heal. I have to been treating my acne, and I would like some advice about how to go about treating my Hyperpigmentation problem. My skin almost has a pink look to it. Actually, it resembles the color of pink bologna a lot. most of it is located on the upper cheak, right next to the nose, area. It is on both sides of my face..

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Yeah i have HP on my face most is faded but it makes me look like i got smacked in the cheek if your standing a ways away. Anyways now that i dont really breakout anymore, i just let time do its thing, i dont use anything on my face either except water.

Also after this semester is finished of school, im going to get a v-beam treatment (ive already had it done like a year or two ago). You can either go to like 3 or 4 sessions like 2 or 3 weeks apart and have them zap all your HP and it will be gone. I just went to one to get a red dot thats a collection of cells (weird i know) on the top of my forehead zapped. They had to zap this spot on high and and after it looks a million times worse then before (no even joking) It was like a black and blue bruise. Went away in two weeks and so did the red mark! And has never returned!.

But anyways this summer ill probably get some of my HP zapped and also some spider veins that are appearing because of my rosacea. Even though the process is not the cheapest thing in the world - its worth it in the end because i dont have to use products on my face that will end up breaking me out!

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Im using sweet almond oil for hyperpigmentation as well as a moisturizer. I've not been using it for long so I can't comment if it works or not.

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