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Help! Shaving/acne Problems Around My Mouth

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I have the problem where I often get acne right on my upper lip after I shave. I use a beard trimmer to shave around my mouth because I have a beard and I get errant hairs growing around my mouth. It seems that whenever I shave/trim these small hairs around my mouth and lips that I get pimples soon after. I don't know what to do to alleviate this situation. The acne is always right on my lips and it sucks so if someone could help then I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

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Hey bro... looks like you and i have similar problems..

in my opinion .. there are a few things you gotta take care of :

1 - do u have a good blade/razor/trimmer? if not , u should probably consider something better...

2 - is it your own? i know, i know... but some people use their dad's razors and stuff... its a cause for irritation..

Some other stuff...

You may not be using aftershave... aftershave closes ur pores

If you have dry skin, you should consider getting aftershave lotion or balm that doesnt have alcohol (drying agent for hair and skin)

do you go against the grain? if you do, make sure you apply your shaving cream again before doing so.. giving the cream a minute to set in helps too.. especially if you have sensitive skin... dont be very forceful without strokes and avoid going over whiteheads...

Shaving cream : very important.. there are many types and all... soap, cream, gel, what- not..

make sure u got something else... if all else fails... and if you dont ever want a moustache or a beard, consider gettin electrolysis hair removal or something...

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As Duke2508 stated, make sure you use shaving cream and apply aftershave. I've used jojoba oil and aloe vera as well and it seems to keep the little pimples at bay.

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Use a good shaving cream and a two blade razor for shaving. You may follow with benzoyl peroxide then moisturizer.

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