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Switching From Generic To Brand Name

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I've been on the generic version of Diane 35 for like 8 months now and it's been working fine. It's like a realllllly generic generic one though because I haven't heard anyone mention it. It's by novopharm or something and it's called teva-cyproterone whatever whatever. Anyway, it took like almost 6 months for it to kick in and now I'm clear except for the occasional spot which is fine.

I wanted to try switching to the brand name just to see if it would get rid of even that last spot...and if maybe my boobs would grow a little more :lol: I was wondering if that would give me an initial break out... but usually I hear that's only if you switch from brand name to generic. So what if it was the other way around? I know they're "supposed" to be exactly the same but I was hoping someone had some personal experience :o

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I have used both. Original Diane gave me breakthrough bleeding on occasion. I have taken it for many many years, so the generic did not exist when I first started. One day I went to the pharmacy and they gave me the generic instead. I thought I'd give it a try before complaining. No more breakthrough bleeding, and no difference in clarity of skin, so I stuck with it. Why the generic doesn't cause me breakthrough bleeding when the other did is a mystery to me.

So I guess you never know until you try, but I doubt it would make much of a difference if you aren't having any issues with the generic.

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To be honest I really just want to see if the brand name will make my boobs grow a little bigger :lol: I guess I'll give it a try next month

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hmm i dont know how much help i will be because i've never used diane 35.

my doctor prescribed me a generic version of retin A and a few months later, i got my hands on the real brand version. i have heard many people complain about the initial purging process but i believe i didnt get that with the brand name cream because the generic version was a low dosage that helped my skin get accustomed to the product. hence, when i applied the brand name cream, i didnt purge one bit.

i know this isnt what you were looking for but i hope i helped :)

lol this is the topic i started but i didnt get a proper response from anyone:

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