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I got this regimen from an old post, but I changed it a little. I have mild to moderate acne, and I realized the C&C was only irritating my face. So here's what I'm doing now: In the morning (I wash my hands first), I use Dove Essential Nutrients Toner (non-alcoholic), and then put some Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser in my hands, rub it around, and then rub it gently on my face in an upward circular motion. I don't rinse it off; instead, I take a kleenex and pat off the excess. I do the same thing at night, and that's it! I know it sounds gross not ever washing your face, but that's what I use the toner for, and also the cetaphil has sterilized water in it. I try not to get water on my face, but I don't obsess about it. I've been doing this a couple days now, and I'm almost completely clear with no new acne. I think I'll be totally clear in maybe 5 or 6 days. This regimen is awesome: 1. It's simple, so it takes a lot less time than the C&C regimen I was on. 2. It works as a moisturizer, so you don't need to put that on too. 3. Leaving it on doesn't make you all shiny like I pictured in my mind. 4. It's clearing red marks and acne very quickly. 5. It's pretty cheap. 6. My face is feeling softer and less red. 7. Leaving it on probably makes it work a lot longer and better.

I know this regimen won't work for everyone, but it's worked really well for me and I hope someone will try it and see the same results! wink.gif

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i guess no one's interested in this, but i just thought i'd say it's still working really well for me, and i started taking zinc today too. i hope that'll help even more!

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