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Anyone Else Have This?

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I'm just really really curious if anyone else had the same condition as me. From about age 21-24 I used to get cystic nodules on the back of my head, right on the hairline. Didnt get them anywhere else on my body. I had mild acne on my face, but nothing crazy. My back of head condition was so bizarre, I made sure to look at the back of everyone elses head to see if anyone else had this. Never saw anyone else with it. I would commonly have one active cyst in the area at any given time. The thing would have a long cycle, would take about 2 weeks start to finish. Then I'd be good for a few days, until I feel a new one start up. They would get pretty big, someone once asked if i got bit by a mosquito, because thats basically what it looked like, a big mosquito bite. Eventually it would come to a head, drain, and start to heal.

Absolutely nothing I did had any effect. I washed twice a day, changed my pillow cases every single night, used anti bacterial soaps, took bleach baths, and bought every skincare product on planet earth. It stressed me out quite a bit, had to grow my hair a little longer to cover the area, wore hoodies alot, etc. It kinda wrecked my life for a few years. It was accutane that finally put it to rest. Its been quite a while since I had a cyst, but I still think about it often.

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