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Hi guys, I am new to this forum. I signed up because i know how bad the life long battle with acne is. I want to help especially the younfer people that do not yet have scars or melasma from acne. Because once you have this, you are doomed. If anyone would of given me the info I am giving you now, I would not be in such misery.

Anyway I am 44, female and finaly found what really helps acne, in severe cases makes it better. You can a 100% trust what I have to say, I am not doing any advertising, I never write in any of these forums. I just think I can give my knolledge to some young volks. the advice i never got. I have to say at first that i know how bad it is to suffer from acne. With me it started when I was 12, and still have it. its under controll now, finally after last summer I finaly found my "cure". Unfortunately I suffer from Melasma now, wich is not reversable. I can under no circumstances be out in the heat or sun. My whole life changed because of this. anyone that has acne can get bad scarring or melasma, which both of them are, like I said irreversable. Some people obviously have results with peels and laser, but most people don't, like me. With my olive skin these kind of treatments make it worse.

Every time I heard, read... whatever, that you are not suppossed to pick, I picked anyway, And do you know why I picked, why I din't listen? Bacause. yes my skin was red and inflamed after that or some cids would get huge. but do you know what.My skin would always jump back, so I thought I was one of the lucky ones that didn't have to worry. WRONG! It creeps up on you. Your skin gets older, you wont even notice and all the sudden your spots will never dissapear.

After my melasma ( huge brown discoloration) started I used cremes like retin A, took Antibiotics for acne, Hydroquinone (wich left me with white spots by the way, lost pigmentation for ever).

Anyway, i swear to God. Even if you see that these products might help at the end they are going to make everything worse. Using this kind of stuff for a longer time will ruin your skin for ever.

You think acne is bad, learn to live with the conditions I listed. Acne is curable, these other things you can get from not treatitng it right will give you depressions until the day you die.

My best bet would of been to find the products I am using now, back then, and listenend not to pick, even if at that time it didn't seem a big deal.The thing is that with everybody, and that is with everybody, acne will dissapear after menopause and for men also when hormon levels go down . What will stay for ever is melasma and scars.

You might think right now, Oh my God, I am still young, I have to wait untill I hit menopause. Well, guess what its either that or fuck yourself up until eternaty, like I did.

I finally want to talk about what I am using. I have to explain that it does not matter which product gets adverticed. YOU have to get immune against these advertisements, as its all just a money market. All the cremes I used always, always left a fine film of grease behind, even if you don't notice it, and you tjink it absorbed. and cloggs up your pores. I also have to mention that there is ZZZZEEEEERRRROOOO, NADA that will help from the out side. Acne is internal, but antibiotics taken for a longer time is fatal. Gave me my melasma I have for over 10 years now, and if taken for longer time will screw your body up, guarantee. If you have deep cystic acne and this is the only thing you think helps. Take breaks and never, never ever go out in the sun. Something my lovely doc never bothered mentioning.

Anyway, I only use PURE aloe vera gel. 100% Aloe vera Gel, it can be found in Health food srores. It absorbes fast into skin. You might think oh wow my skin gets dry, no Aloe vera has everything your skin needs, please dont buy the green stuff they sell in the regular stores. Now what you have to do is get CERA Ve sun block 50 and mix it up with the gel before you put it on. Morning and night. Cera Ve is mostly Zink, which is the best sun block and works well with acne. At night I put the cera ve thick on the pimples. Since the cera Ve is mostly zink it will make your face white, so during the day put it in the Aloe Vera Gel but not so much that your face turns white. For inflamed pimples I use 100% pure tee tree oil, dap it on with q tip, couple of times, be carefull its very drying.It desinfects the cid and will go away eventually. never dip the used q tip back into the bottle.

Now, all this wouldn't make a change if I would not take my acnepril herbal pills. What these do clean out your liver and your skin will be less greasy. Is my acne gone a 100%, hell no, but I tell you what After so long this is the best ever. and none of this will work if you pick. If you have sids that need to be deep cleande, go to an esthetician once a month, and have her clean it out, not neccersary, but if you are a skin picker and paranoid about the stuff beiing stuck in there, well. I know how hard it is not to pick, if anybody knows then me. But I tell you what if I would of seen a pic of my face now 15 years ago, I would of never picked a single one. The pills will not work emediately since it is a cleaning process and it will take month for the skin to get better. Also you have to take these pills every day, and its ok to take them for years because its natural herbs, but I would still be cautious about going out into the sun. Wear a hat or something. This will not make you acne free, but I finally feel that after all these years I wished I would of known all this and I would not suffer from Melasma now. Taking the acnepril will detox your liver and your skin will not be as greasy. now do not mess with your body and eat greasy foods. Please dont. No pepperoni, bacon or fries. if a meal comes with fries, substitute the fries for a side salad, if a Burger comes with bacon say no bacon or majo, rather ketchup or mustard. It is simple, ones you get the routine of it your body won't even want to eat this anymore.No sodas, water!!!!!! Alot of water!

Yeah I know it's hard. do you want to clear your skin or not?

I really hope I can help at least one person with this. my daughter has acne and she won't touch her face because of how I look.

By the way If the skin clears after taking 4 pills a day, try 2 a day for a while. People don't always have to take the recommended dose to have results. Whish you all the best.

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I have to use cetaphil cause of my melasma. I don't use toner cause of it either. Any cleanser you feel comfortable with is fine. Toner is fine too. I just have to be very carefull now cause anything can aggravate my skin. I also got of the weekly scrub , cause all it does is agravate the skin and spread the bacteria. There are enzyme masks that can be done once a week. It does the same thing in a gentle way. I want to say one thing about toner, too. Most toners have a high alkohol content that aggravate the skin. They use alkohol to dry out the acne, and your body produces more oil afterwards, get something that has no or little alkohol in it, please. The thing with toners is they sell it because supposedly it helps after washing your face getting the normal ph level back. The skin goes back anyway. And if someone uses toner for make up removal cause the cleanser might not take care of it all the way, I would say use non scented wet wipes. Clean your face with the wet wipes untill all make up is gone and then wash your face. The Dollar Tree has the uncented $1 baby wet wipes. No matter what you use never use anything with parfum in it. If you open the jar, bottle, tube and you can smell a strong parfum fragrance... forget it, it will cause more pimples. I hope this helps a little.

Oops, sorry the acnepril you can only get online. I checked all the stores, couldn't find it. I suppose you can get it on other sites too, instead of the acnepril site, but i just order it from there cause I am to paranoid about not getting the real stuff.

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