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Should I Do The Regimen?

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Hello everybody!

I am wondering if the regimen is the right thing for me. I was treated with accutane for three years and now my skin is fairly stable with the occasional pimple every week or so. I do however have some blackheads on my nose as well as big pores, scarring/redness and some hyperpigmented spots on my cheeks. It has been half a year since I stopped taking accutane and my skin has not relly improved since and I would like to start working on making it look better. Do you think the regimen would help with that? Maybe leave out the BP? What to use instead?

Any hints are deeply appreciated, thank you!

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I'm not sure you need to follow the Regimen and use bp all over your face if you only have the occasional blemish.

Sounds more like you might want to maybe use just the AHA cream (glycolic acid) which will help exfoliate your skin and help with the hyperpigmentation, Along with a non irritating cleanser and oil free moisturizer.

Just my opinion.

Good luck.

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I would not recommend the regimen as a first choice for skincare maintenance. You could try using lemon to fade your scars, or lighten them rather. Aloe Vera is also very good for your skin, healing wise. I also recommend Argan Oil and Tea Tree Oil (use sparringly) for acne/scar treatment as well :)

I am a benzoyl peroxide user myself, I sort of wish I'd tried other things first, though BP has cleared my skin up.

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