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Acne In My 30's!

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Hi everyone, just signed up to the forum.

I have suffered acne since I was about 13 and at times the breakouts have been severe, on my face, neck chest and back and I have very oily skin and lots of blackheads. I'm now 31 going on 32 and still living with moderate/severe acne. I suffer from anxiety and have serious confidence and self esteem issues along with depression which I am sure that acne is the route cause, sometimes I don't want to leave the house and I've taken sick days from work due to bad flare ups. I feel I need to use concealer most days to try and hide my horrible skin for fear of being stared at in disgust.

I have tried all sorts of treatments, prescription antibiotics & over the counter products and nothing seems to work very well at all. The best one so far has been Quinoderm 10% but it never really cleared my skin completely, I even bought some Retin A cream online with little affect. Just been back to the Dr's today and he's given me something called Aknemycin which is tretinoin and entromycin in a solution, has anybody used this before and had any positive results? I just want something that actually works! Is Accutane still available in the UK as I read somewhere it has been discontinued? I saw tretinoin 10mg tablets come up when the Doctor was searching for the Aknemycin solution on his computer, is tretinoin found in Accutane?

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