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Do You Think The Regimen Will Work For Me?

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Hi guys,

Ive had pretty perfect skin for years, even as a teenager it was pretty good, never had acne, only ever blackheads on my nose and chin mainly and a pimple here and there.

I wanted to clear my blackheads though, and as I'm getting older i wanted to introduce a skin regime as I'm 32 now.

So i was introduced to Dermalogica, and now i have what i can only describe as acne.

Horrid red spots with nothing noticeably in them, big black heads come out of nowhere and also whiteheads. I am so depressed, i had beautiful skin and now it seems near ruined :( I used Dermalogica for a month and a half and it just got worse and worse, big patches of spots on my cheeks mostly. They said i was obviously on the wrong Dermalogica so they changes me to the medic range, but all thats done is dried some up and continued to make me spotty.

I would like to try the regimen, do you think this is a good road for me? I was thinking the Olay face wash, BP and a moisturiser with the right ingredients.

I would love some friendly advice , thank you

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Yes I would suggest going the less is more route since it seems like whatever you added may have messed up the ph balance of your skin. Cetaphil or Cerave are very gentle and non irritating. I like the Cerave foaming facial cleanser, doesn't dry me out. If blackheads were your problem, you'd want to add an exfoliator for that, BHA/AHA, however you may want to calm down whatever is going on first. If you can handle a gentle toner you may want to do that after cleansing and slowly slowly start out the bp regimen. I like Cerave moisturizer, I use a very small amount of the PM version and keeps dryness and flaxes away. The Cetaphil was too thick for me. The regular Cerave non spf is good as well, light and non comodogenic. Happy to talk to you about exfoliating when you are ready for that ) Hang in there, you are not alone and in a good place to read, review, and get some input, advice, whatever you like.

btw I am 32 so I am very familiar with adult skin and how gentle you need to be

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