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Mirvaso For Post-Acne Redness?

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Has anyone used Mirvaso to treat post-acne redness? What's your experience been like? (Note: the product's marketed to rosacea sufferers, and I've read universally bad reviews -- most have seen their redness worsen. I'm curious if post-acne redness is a different beast, hence the question here.)

I have dealt with pretty bad cystic acne for the last six or seven months, especially on my forehead. Fortunately, it's almost all gone; just one or two cysts and a couple whiteheads are left. I do, however, have a ton of redness, and it's been slow to fade. When I went to the derm for a check-up a couple weeks ago, he gave me some MIrvaso samples to play around with.

So far, it's done a decent (not perfect) job of relieving my redness, if only temporarily. Some observations:

  • It doesn't last twelve hours like advertised -- maybe six or seven. If I'm out all day, I sometimes reapply once and then it starts working again.
  • It seems to be less effective than it was two weeks ago, when I first started using it. Either that, or I'm just more accustomed to how it looks before and after application.
  • I'm wondering if it reacts poorly with chlorine. I swim laps two or three days a week, and my redness gets much, much, much worse if I wear the Mirvaso. (not permanently -- it calms down after a few hours).
  • My baseline redness (pre-Mirvaso application) seems about the same as when I started. Maybe marginally better. Not sure if the Mirvaso is preventing it from improving a little quicker. At the very least, it hasn't made my baseline redness worse, as it has for people with rosacea.

Anyone else?

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