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Ok so I have had acne ever since I can remember and never had a clear day, I know that when using new products it gets worse before it gets better so I always stick with one treatment for about 6 months. I have tried clean and clear, acnedote, proactive, clearasil, neutrogena stuff, olay, natural mud soaps, pills from GNC, diet changes.....well you get it....like everything and nothing has worked at all and to top it off I am white as a snowman and scar easily so I have red marks on top of all the bumps. I dont have oily skin but I also dont have dry skin so when people ask I dont know what to say....besides the acne my skin is perfectly healthy all dermatologists say. Doctors have given me a few different kinds of prescription creams and it hasnt worked...I got an at home microderm abrassion kit...i really dont know what else to do but I am not willing to accept living with acne my whole life. Is there any product people with extremely stubborn acne has had success with? I am desperate

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I've had acne as long as I can remember too. Dan's Regimen is honestly the only thing that's ever worked for me. I've seen improvement with other stuff, prescription creams included, but with the Regimen I haven't had any new pimples in a month, just the left over red spots from past pimples (I'm white as a ghost myself so they are very prominent, I understand how you feel).

I'd give it a try. Just my two cents :) Good luck!

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I can only tell you what worked and is still working a miracle for me. I was on duac, Retin A, antibiotics, etc., but nothing helped my acne. I decided I desperately needed to do something if I was going to prevent scarring and pitting of my face. I started to scour the internet for information about vegetarian diets and found that there are sites with people that had great luck when they totally stuck to a vegetarian or vegan diet. This was not something I wanted to do. I love steak, subs, bacon, chips, cheese doodles, cookies, ice cream, etc. But, I also could not stand the way my face looked with the acne.

I decided I had no choice. I decided to go completely vegetarian, as I felt it was my last chance for clear skin. That meant NO meat, No fish, NO milk, No cheese, NO sugar, No cookies, No white bread, NO soda or chips or any junk food! But, I had no choice. I started making smoothies with frozen strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, kale, spinach, dates, etc for breakfast.

I saute different vegetables for dinner and make a baked potato or big portobello mushroom and a big, green salad with tomatoes for dinner. I drink tons of water. I do not drink any lemonade or soda, but will put fresh squeezed lemons in most of my water. I think the diet I follow is called vegan because I do not eat any eggs or cheese or yogurt. For a snack I do things like freeze red grapes and snack on them at night.

Anyway, my skin did a complete 360! It has actually stopped breaking out! I very occasionally get 1 pimple, but it is no big thing compared to the pizza face I was becoming. My red scars are starting to fade and I do not wear any face make up because I no longer have to! It has really changed my life around now that my skin is clear and I am not embarrassed by it! Will I continue with this vegan diet? For now, definitely! I hated my face with pimples and zits, so the trade off is so worth it. In time, as I get older, maybe I will slowly have an egg, or start eating fish or chicken, but not for quite a while. My skin is where I never thought it would be and I am not going to take a chance on the acne returning!

If you are desperate and not getting anywhere with everything you have tried, you really should do this diet! It may seem hard, and you will be eating lots of vegetables, but there are many ways to cook them......I use Extra Virgin Olive oil to sauté my veggies in. Don't forget to squeeze lemon in your water! It is definitely worth trying......but, I think most of us that really stick to this diet will not believe how clear their skin is in 3 weeks! To get started go on You Tube and look for vegetarian or vegan sites and blogs.

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